Family Guy Pinball Machine

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Condition: Refurbished
Dimensions: 28″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs


Family Guy Pinball Machine for Sale

Family Guy pinball machine is based on the animated series of the same name. Some of the table’s main features include a “TV Challenge” drop hole, a beer can giant target, an Evil Monkey’s Lair ramp, and Stewie’s Mini Pinball.

The Family Guy Pinball Machine is an exciting addition to any arcade or game room. Based on the popular animated television show, this pinball machine features characters and elements from the show, such as Peter, Stewie, and the Griffin family home.

Players will love the unique features of the Family Guy Pinball Machine, including a “Stewie pinball” that players can shoot to activate different modes and challenges. The machine also includes a “TV mini-playfield” that recreates the feel of a classic television set, complete with animated clips and sound effects from the show.

With a challenging playfield and exciting multi-ball modes, the Family Guy Pinball Machine is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels. The machine is built with high-quality materials and features stunning artwork that captures the irreverent humor and zany characters of the television show.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or just looking for a fun and challenging pinball machine, the Family Guy Pinball Machine is a must-have for any game room. With its engaging gameplay and unique features, it’s sure to be a hit with players of all ages.

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shrek pinball machine

Shrek Pinball Machine is a pinball game that was released by Stern Pinball in 2008. It is based on the popular animated film franchise “Shrek” and features the characters and themes from the movies.

The game is designed to be easy to play for beginners, but also challenging enough for experienced pinball players. It features a variety of ramps, targets, and interactive toys, including a dragon that can grab and hold onto the pinball.

The Shrek Pinball Machine also includes a number of unique features and modes, such as “Donkey’s Pinball Magic,” which involves hitting targets to help Donkey save Princess Fiona, and “Rat Toss,” where players must hit targets to launch rats at Farquaad’s castle.

Gameplay of Family Guy pinball machine

TV modes: TV modes start by shooting the Lois spinner a set number of times. Doing this and then shooting the TV scoop will start one of five modes. Different modes include:

  • Good Old Boys – Based on the episode To Live and Die in Dixie, if the player shoots side shots, the player will earn a jackpot.
  • Supergriffins – Based on the second segment of the episode Family Guy Viewer Mail#1, if the player shoots each family member, it will award a specific score.
  • Chicken Fight – Based on the episode Da Boom and in the other episodes in which Peter fights Ernie the Giant Chicken, if the player hits switches and shots, Peter will be able to punch Ernie.
  • Sexy Party – Based on the episode From Method to Madness, if the player shoots on every shot of the game, it will earn more points and add another girl to Stewie’s sexy party.
  • Ipecac Contest – Based on episode 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter, The more that Peter, Chris, Stewie, or Brian vomit, the more points the player will receive.

Why is pinball so expensive?

Pinball machines can be expensive for several reasons:

1. Limited production: Unlike video games or other electronic entertainment, pinball machines are typically produced in limited quantities. This means that the cost of designing and manufacturing the machines is spread out over a smaller number of units, making each machine more expensive.

2. High-quality materials: Pinball machines are built to be durable and long-lasting, and as such, they are made with high-quality materials such as solid wood, metal, and tempered glass. These materials can be more expensive than the plastics and cheaper components used in other types of arcade games.

3. Complex design: Pinball machines are complex machines that require a lot of engineering and design work. They include a wide variety of mechanical parts, electronic components, and interactive features that must all work together seamlessly. This complexity can add to the cost of building the machines.

4. Licensing fees: Many pinball machines are based on popular licensed properties, such as movies or comic book characters. The licensing fees for these properties can be expensive, which can drive up the cost of the machines.

Overall, pinball machines are expensive because they are high-quality, complex machines that are produced in limited quantities.

However, for many pinball enthusiasts, the cost is worth it for the unique gameplay experience and the joy of owning a classic piece of arcade history.

Beer can modes Family Guy pinball machine :

The beer can modes start by shooting the beer can a set number of times. Different modes include:

  • Lard multiball – This is a simple two ball funfest in which shooting any lit shot will score a jackpot.
  • Happy hour – Doubles all playfield shot values for a short time.
  • Giggity Giggity – Maximizes the pop bumpers.
  • Collect beers – Gives points based on the number of beer can hit you have completed.
  • Remember when – Relates to the various flashbacks from the show. Starting this mode will activate a hurry-up award, located at a random family member shot.

Stewie’s mini pinball:

Shooting the lower captive ball on the playfield, will spell out another letter in p-i-n-b-a-l-l. Completing all the letters, then shooting the TV scoop will start Stewie’s pinball. The goal is to spell out each of the family member names.

Doing this will start Stewie multiball, in which multiple balls are shot onto the lower playfield, while the upper pinball remains active. Completing all family members on both playfields will light the super jackpot.

Game Features :

Flippers (5), Pop bumpers (3), 4-bank drop targets (1), Standup targets (9), Solitary drop target (1), Captive balls (2), Spinning target (1), Up-post between flippers, Mini-playfield, Multiball.

Character figures from the TV show: Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, and Brian. The Stewie character rotates to face his little pinball machine, while the Meg character bobs up and down.

Family Guy pinball machine

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